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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Free2Play RPG on mobile released

The release of ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ is still warm, yet Electronic Arts releases another Star Wars game already: ‘Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes’ is a Free2Play RPG for iOS and Android. Players can recruit several known characters, like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo or even Darth Vader, and fight with them into turn-based battles. Every character…

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Star Wars Battlefront – EA Releases Beta Stats

Electronic Arts decided to release infographics containing general stats about their Star Wars Battlefront Open-Beta campaign. Quickly, this Open-Beta became EA’s biggest Beta-test up to date and attracted over 9 million players. According to the infographic, the accumulated playtime of 9 million players results in over 1.6 billion minutes of gameplay. That would be enough to watch…

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Star Wars Battlefront – System requirements revealed

The system requirements for Star Wars Battlefront have been revealed today. They sound very extreme but maybe EA just wants to make sure that no performance issues will occur. Especially the amount of RAM recommended to play the game on highest settings sounds just ridiculously over the top, especially considering that next-gen consoles only have…

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