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War Thunder- It becomes an all-arounder

War Thunder is a free-to-play  MMOG, which has been developed by Gaijin Entertainment. The warplanesimulator exists since 2009, War Thunder also added a tanksimulator in 2014 and is probably going to launch a warshipsimulator in 2017, what can become quite interesting if they are going to connect these three, like they did with the tanks…

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Total War: Warhammer – Orcs Trailer (Campaign sneak peak)

A render trailer for the mighty orcs. It shows the leader of the orcs, Grimgor Ironhide, with a goblin giving him ideas what to conquer next. Trailers where generals think about all the possibilities with dramatic scenes of the battle and the campaign map are quite a thing for “Total War”-announces. Neverthelesse they are cool.…

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