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Final Fantasy XIV – Content For Patch 3.15 Teased

Square Enix has revealed some of the contents for the next patch of their MMORPG ‘Final Fantasy XIV’. 3.15 will bring a questline about Anima weapons, which were already announced before the release of Heavensward. These weapons will ‘accompany’ the players throughout the future content and will be upgradable – probably by a lot of…

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Star Wars Battlefront – System requirements revealed

The system requirements for Star Wars Battlefront have been revealed today. They sound very extreme but maybe EA just wants to make sure that no performance issues will occur. Especially the amount of RAM recommended to play the game on highest settings sounds just ridiculously over the top, especially considering that next-gen consoles only have…

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GTA 5 – Online “Freemode” update

Another big update for “Rockstar’s” GTA:V. With a news that could disappoint a few people, because bringing this new online-update, the developers told more or less indirect that the priorities are currently online-mode, so no singleplayer-dlcs in the near future. Thinking of “The lost and damned” and “The ballad of gay tony” this is kinda…

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