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EA’s press conference summary for you to save time and be up to date. Madden 18 Like Fifa, Madden will have a story mode where you play as Devin Wade. We expect something similar to Fifa, the rise of a new star in the sports business. Cutscenes full of drama and epicness between gameplay moments.…

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Mirror´s Edge Catalyst – New Trailer

A new trailer for the sequel to Mirror´s Edge showcases the city and parts of the story. Explore the depth of the city and story of Mirror’s Edge™ Catalyst. Learn how DICE tackled Faith’s background story, architectural design, the factions within the city of Glass, and the challenge of portraying city nightlife. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst…

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Star Wars Battlefront – EA Releases Beta Stats

Electronic Arts decided to release infographics containing general stats about their Star Wars Battlefront Open-Beta campaign. Quickly, this Open-Beta became EA’s biggest Beta-test up to date and attracted over 9 million players. According to the infographic, the accumulated playtime of 9 million players results in over 1.6 billion minutes of gameplay. That would be enough to watch…

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