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Rocket League and FIFA are in trouble – HyperBrawl Tournament is coming!

Yes, you heard right! The competition begins, and not just between the games, but also ingame. The MilkyTea Studio published the new fast action sports game „HyperBrawl Tournament“. If you got enough of driving cars with small power ups or playing the same football game over and over again, you finally found a worthy alternative!…

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Raiders of the Broken Planet – Alien Myths

Let us talk about the first Raiders campaign ‘Alien Myths’ or perhaps first about the Prologue, because it was a god damn long fight to unlock the campaign in multiplayer mode.Be ready for some background facts. You start your long fight for the rescue of the ‘Broken Planet’, where your species (the Raiders) lives on…

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War Thunder- It becomes an all-arounder

War Thunder is a free-to-play  MMOG, which has been developed by Gaijin Entertainment. The warplanesimulator exists since 2009, War Thunder also added a tanksimulator in 2014 and is probably going to launch a warshipsimulator in 2017, what can become quite interesting if they are going to connect these three, like they did with the tanks…

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