The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine – Review

The last DLC for Witcher 3 got released, although the term DLC may confuse. When most people hear about DLCs they think about overpriced additional content which often lacks anything special and is way too short. But Blood and Wine is not your 08/15 DLC. It´s main quest alone is 7 hours long and also has some replay value depending on the choices you made.


The so called expansion pack features an entire new region: Toussaint. There the main quest and 10 hours of side quests play out. Toussaint looks beautiful. It is a lot brighter and happier than most other regions in the Witcher series. Everything looks like a fairy tale (there is also a literal fairy tale level inside the DLC).


The main quest itself features a few very interesting boss fights (atleast for the Witcher series) but also tends to throw a certain enemy type very often at you. During the events of the main quest you visit a lot of places in Toussaint but even after you finished it, there is still a lot to explore.


Blood and Wine also adds a few more mechanics like the mutations and the possiblity to dye your armor. You also get your own vineyard as a reward for your work.


The characters are also very interesting. The duchess of Toussaint is particularly interesting. She defies the cliche of a simple queen and even accompanies Geralt during special missions. There is also an old vampire friend and the “villain” is not  one dimensional.


The DLC offers a lot for it´s money. You get a very charming story with some dark humour and also some closure. This expansion pack was really a great way of CD Project to say farewell to the Witcher series.

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