Get ready for a new fast action shooter – ExoCorps it is!

ExoCorps is a multiplayer arena FPS, made by Gingerbred and with a setting in the near future. Right now it’s available in Early Access on Steam.

The Developer from Gingerbred describe it as follows:

“We wanted to capture that Iron Man experience of cruising through the skies, managing a vast array of futuristic machinery while facing off against other super-powered foes. We think ExoCorps fulfills those fantasies!”

Lasergun in action

The socalled ExoCorps-Soldiers are part of an international initiative which is testing new military technologies for use across the globe and into the solar system. Players use powerful exo-suits equipped with full-flight jetpacks and tactical subsystems to engage each other across large landscapes equivalent to several square kilometers.

Every Exo-Soldier is always equipped with 6 different powerful guns, like Plasma, Laser and a gun that shoots Rocket-Darts to get rid of multiple enemies at once. It’s on you to choose the right weapon for the right situation. Also they have four special abilities, like spotting enemies for a short-term, shooting flares against incoming missiles, becoming invisible or shooting a swarm missiles. A lot of options to show the opponent who has dominance. At the moment there are five giant maps where you can fight in Team-Deathmatch, Deathmatch or Capture the Flag against each other or AI or both.

Missiles incoming, out of flares, death is close!

I enjoyed the fights in weightlessness on the moon in particular. The lack of gravity offers new possibilities for the movement, like surprising the enemy with a silent jump on other side of the moon-dune where he is hiding. The last thing he sees is barrage of bullets from my plasma gun, right from above. While you are already pretty fast if you run, you reach threetimes the speed by using your jetpack. You can fight for air-superiority as long as you want. That is something really special about this game. Not many games give you the opportunity for the unlimited use of a jetpack, to become the lord of the skies.

During fighting intense battles and dodging enemy missles I recognised, that hitting the ground was one of the main reasons for me to die in a fast airfight. Probably you should avoid the contact to the ground if you want to call it an airfight, but I guess that‘s how the game is also meant to be played. The possibility to switch between air and ground movement seems to be the main gameplay character. That’s why I’m questioning the enormous fall damage that you get, if you are falling for just two meters. Of course it’s getting better with more practice, but even after three hours of learning to navigate, those „accidents“ still happened. Anyway, your enemies will thank you, if you stop your kill-streak on your own.

Zero gravity and rocket-darts finding their target on the moon

Next to this, I must say, that a triple click, to switch between zoom levels of your weapon, can become a problem in close combat. If you wanna change from long to mid range and if you are beside of this under heavy fire, the only efficient thing you do is,  to click your mouse to death. In the end, these features don‘t effect the gameplay pretty much, but are something that you notice, if you have some FPS experience.

I, for my part, am looking forward to the development of this fast shooter and hope to catch up with some of you guys ingame.

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