Valves VR – The next competitor for Oculus

And here we have another Virtual Reality Device. Facebook has “Oculus”, then we have “Project Morpheus” by Sony and Microsofts slightly different “HoloLens”. This next one comes from Valve, those guys with Steam, and cooperates with HTC. The “Vive” is pretty similar to the Oculus, when you compare resolution and they even look similar. They are actually very similar, they both promise a perfect Virtual Reality. But HTC says, they will have additional wireless controllers and “Positional Tracking”. I think that a camera will know were you stand so you can move around in your room and in the VR (but you probably need a veeeery big and empty room for that).

VR ist THE thing right now, but I am afraid they will be too similar in the end. They are already almost like smartphones. Different producers and of course a few unique extras, but a smartphone is a smartphone. I think, all those VR-Devices will promise what they keep (more or less) and they will all release at the same time and you can choose your favorite brand or your favorite extra. When they are released we will look at all of them and then will choose the best or create a ranking. They will all have a good VR-experience, but do I want to see my hands with those gloves or do I rather want wireless glasses? We’ll see, because for now we can only wait until all of them will be released and trying to be the best and most bought VR-device. Just like all those smartphones. Lets wait until we really know what each VR-Device can do.

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