Total War: Warhammer – Pre-alpha gameplay

More and more videos are released for Total War: Warhammer. In this video we see more than before, a (scripted) battle between Orcs and Humans, where the developer flies on the map and shows everything. You do not see an interface, but the cursor sometimes, so this is actual gameplay, scripted and in pre-alpha of course.
I loved the gameplay and hope the game will be as good as the trailers promise. According to the “pre-alpha”-thing, I think the most attention should have the animations. Not really walking and “acting” alone, but the interaction with enemies doesn’t look very realistic. For example the fight between the flying units: the dragon – pardon Wyvern – and the griffin didn’t look really epic, they were flying in front of each other without changing place and bumped into each other every few seconds. I think, a wider fighting range for the flying creatures to fly away, then turn and crash into each other or chase each other will look much better. But again, this is a pre-alpha and I am sure they will work hard on the animations.
What do you think of the battle-gameplay?

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