The Dwarfs – Successfull kickstarter project

The german strategy RPG “The Dwarfs” was successfully kickstarted. The goal of 260000$ was reached seven days before the crowdfunding was over. Almost 5000 people supported the project. The stretch-goals are not marked with a certain number of money. Each stretch-goal costs 75000$ and the community decides which of the possible features should be in the game. The options are professional soundtrack and background music, additional quests and characters, a 4-player coop mode and new gamemodes like “New game plus” and “Survival”. With 75000$ they could “buy” one of those features, to get all they need 300000$.
The game is about the dwarf Tungil, who has to fight waves enemies in iso-perspective. The player can pick three AI-companions (or Coop) out of 12 to fight through the levels. Even though there will be lots of enemies, the gameplay should be focused on strategy and not just hack’n slay.

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