Star Wars Battlefront – Beta Details

Just a few days more, then we can finally play the Beta of Star Wars Battlefront. From October 8 to October 12 players will be able to play the game on PS4, XBoxOne and PC. A pre-load the day before the start is also possible.
Three gamemodes are available. “Walker Assault” on Hoth, a gamemode we already saw a few videos of, where two AT-ATs are attacking the rebel base and while the empire is protecting those, the rebels have to take them down before they reach the rebel’s base. The second mode ist “Drop Zone” on Sullust, which sounds a bit like conquest or domination. Each team has to secure escape pods. A limited number of 8 players per team should add more strategy into the game. Sounds interesting. Third Beta-mode is a survival mission on Tatooine. This mission is a coop mission and can be played online or via splitscreen. We saw a video of this coop, but I am still not sure if this would be as fun as the other gamemodes. In a few days, we know for sure.

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