Shadow of Mordor – Second Impression

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Shadow of Mordor was my first real text here and according to the comments the favorite of my site. And a few asked, so I will make a second impression here, where I look on features I haven’t seen when I wrote the first article. So this is pretty much a short résumé, I am not explaining gameplay and stuff like that.

I said before, the story is not the best. In fact, that was a pretty bad campaign. Especially after the very uninspired and weird ending I sat in front of the credits with a shake of the head. I cannot tell why, because that would be a spoiler, but it is pretty much a very short stealth mission, where the real challenge is to be actually seen, because it is so easy (and because of that boring) and after that one(!) quick time event in a long cutscene. That’s it, roll the credits. At this point I can tell everyone, who wants to buy this game for a dramatic and thoughful campaign, to not freaking buy it. Other games, like “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” were quite the opposite. The gameplay was ok at least, but the story was very good, so I wanted to know what happens next. The campaign in “Shadow of Mordor” was there, to unlock new abilities but not for epic story-twists. Still the most annoying thing is that they did not use the real names of Middle-Earth. Yeah, it happens in Mordor, but that’s pretty much it. You are a fictional character, who does not appear in the Middleearth-Franchise, who meets characters who also do not appear in the Franchise, to fight Orcs and special monsters, which do not appear in the franchise, to fight an enemy who … argh, you have the license for the biggest Fantasy-Brand in the world, use it goddamnit! And please do not use the last sentence of Talion for the sequel that would screw up everything and he could probably use the Millenium Falcon for fast travel and gather Horkruxes to gain power. I’m joking, but I really don’t understand why they do not use names of this franchise when they could use everything.

But enough of the campaign. The gameplay didn’t really change so I stay with my opinion from the first impression. It’s fun, that’s why I play it sometimes, just run around and kill Orcs stealthy, epic, or just kill as many as possible. That really works and it’s fun. So someone who wants to buy this game for cool open world gameplay like Batman, Assassins Creed, etc. should buy this game (Unfortunately Steam sale runs out today).

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But now I have to mention a plus. A big plus. Monolith released after the original release of the game more skins and a new challenge mode. For free! And that’s something I really appreciate. Other companies would want another 10 bucks for that. And the skins are really cool (you can see the “Hand of Sauron”, which I am playing the whole time, on the pictures).
Another feature, which is not THE gameplay-changer but still useful, is the “Screenshot-Mode”, where you can freeze the game and create cool screenshots. I took all of the pictures here with that feature. With a little patience and a bit fine-tuning you can create pretty cool pictures (or just bullshit with tons of effects to make it epic).

This game is for action fans, who like a game for it’s cool possibilities and not for a deep and intelligent story. The story is not the worst in history but too short and most important without special story missions. Almost everything you do in these missions is possible in the open world, which means you already did it before. But if you are bored and just want to kill a few Orcs, run around or ride on a Caragor (aka Warg) or a Graug (aka Troll), maybe with a favorite playlist in the background playing, then buy this game. The only moment you may regret your desicion is during the credits. But you’ll like shortly after that again.

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