Nexus 6P – The iFixit Review is here

Since iFixit has disassembled most Nexus phones in the past like the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 5, it comes to no suprise that the new Nexus 6P also landed on their teardown table. Compared to the LG-manufactured Nexus 5X, which received a decent repairability score of 7 thanks to its modular build and the use of Philips screws, the Huawei device barely managed to get 2 points.

As with most aluminium unibodies, taking it apart gets difficult without using a heat source to loosen up the adhesive holding the frame together. The small glass panel covering the camera lens is prone to cracking, but once it’s removed, the front panel can be lifted up, revealing the strongly glued-on battery. A small bonus: if you only have to repair your USB port, it’s seperated onto the single daughterboard without any other components soldered to it.

Overall, any repair for this phone won’t be easy. Unless you’re experienced, consider sending it to a repair service.


Read the full review here and watch the accompanying video on their YouTube channel.

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