Nexus 6P – Leather Folio Case now available

Although accesories for the new Nexus devices are now widely available from many well-known manufacturers like Spigen or Moko, the release of the official cases always lags behind, as is the case this year as well. The most expensive one, the leather Folio case, was listed in the Play Store already, but hasn’t been available for order until today. It costs $49.99 for each color, only two are available as of now: Carbon (black-/greyish) and Amber (brown). Regardless of the price tag it doesn’t offer any special functionality, but it effectively saves the device from any damage and ensures a perfect fit. If you are not willing to pay this much money for nothing but a simple case, especially considering that official Nexus cases have always been plagues with few issues when newly released , similar cases will be offered by other case manufacturers once the phone gets more adoption.


Purchase it here.

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