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Kung Fury

Well, I can’t really tell much about Kung Fury. First, because it’s “only” 30 minutes long and second, there is so much random stuff going on, that you feel like drowning in gags and weird special effects. It started as a Kickstarter campaign, the trailer was out some time ago. And now “LaserUnicorns” (what a name) released the full movie. Story: Well, Kung Fury is the hero. He became the master of Kung Fu, when his friend got killed and he got bitten by a cobra in an ally while fighting a ninja (true!). Then Hitler attacks the police office for … some reason (not saying how). So to defeat the “Kung Führer”, Kung Fury travels back in time to kill Hitler and end this once and for all. That’s it. It’s sounds weird, it is even weirder when you see it. But it is freaking awesome. If you like random, weird humor than this movie is defenitely something for you. Watch the Trailer at least, to get an impression of it. I really laughed while watching. And I want a second part. The 80s look makes it even cooler and the credits-song (by David Hasselhoff) gets better the more you listen to it.
So, without further spoilers (if I could even spoiler), just a short suggestion for you. If you have 30 minutes, watch it. If you are with friends and had some liquor, even better I think …

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