Evolve – Finally released


I played the Alpha, I played the Beta. And now it’s finally there: Evolve. But in this “review” I will not talk to much about the gameplay, because even the Alpha was pretty close to the actual game. In fact, everything felt familiar. That’s not a bad thing at all, because the game was (even in Alpha) very well balanced, it was fun, it looked good, it was a good game. Now with the full version of the game there is more content, of course. All of the trappers (for now, hello Season-Pass and DLC) and monsters (again, for now), which means three of each class, so you have 12 hunters and three monsters. I already played Goliath and Kraken, now I got to play Wraith, my favorite before I even played him. I like the more sneaky playstyle and with Wraith I got the opportunity to do that. Nevertheless, I really like the other monsters too, they all look pretty cool and they all require different tactics. The fourth monster will be “Behemoth”, but it isn’t released yet. I will talk about it once I can play it.


Also new to the full game is the campaign “Evacuation”. Well, I already talked about it, it’s five missions in one run. You have a reeeeeally small background story, but basically it’s those five missions and whoever wins the most rounds, gets a better bonus in the following round and wins everything. The new mission types are cool, but the core-gamemode is “Hunt”. Egg-destroying and relais-defending is fun for a few rounds, but then you switch back to “Hunt”-missions. And there I see a little problem with the long-time-entertainment-thing (whatever). It’s really fun to play right now, but I don’t know if I wanna hunt a monster for the 50th time. The difference between Evolve and “CS”, “Battlefield” and “Call of Duty” is that you are way more playes on the field and even though the mission stays the same (kill the enemy) the possibilities and the number of playes create enough unique experiences during a round. If you find a good tactic in Evolve you keep on doing it, because it works. And at some point everyone will figure out the best way for a monster or a hunter to win. And then the missions will be repetitive. Even the wildlife doesn’t spawn random. This needs to be changed, in my opinion. Randomize the wildlife, add random effects on a map for every round (you can only use those “effects” in private rounds with friends) and create more diversity. But for now the game is fun and maybe it will keep being that entertaining.


And now a word to the DLCs. And especially the Ingame-Shop. If you want 50 bucks for one game and put an Ingame-Shop in it, where you sell one lousy weapon skin for another 4 bucks, that’s cheeky. That would be okay for a Free2Play-game but not for an expensive AAA-title. Turtle-Rock, change that! It’s nice to give new maps and gamemodes for free, but those skins could be stuff to unlock and not to force players to pay even more for a game, that is expensive enough.

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