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Evolve is about to be released, but for the ultimate fans there is already an option to fight against the Goliath and his mighty friends. Because Evolve has – like a lot of AAA games in the last time – a companion App: “Evolve: Hunters Quest”. But fortunately it is not really connected to the main game and the unlockable stuff is not that important. So there won’t be a constant reminder in the main game to download the companion app (*cough* Ubisoft *cough*).
The app is quickly explained. “Hunters Quest” is a match-three puzzle game, so one of those where you need three of the same symbol/color in a line to destroy them and get points. You know, “Candy Crush” and stuff. I think there won’t be any extra explanation on how this game works.

But the “story” around the puzzle game is interesting. You basically play a “Hunt” mission like in the main game, you have four hunters to kill wildlife and finally the monster on all three levels. Every level is a fight, where you face the monster or up to three wildlife creatures. The game has four different colors (four hunters, already got it?) and everytime you match three of one color, the hunter of that color will attack. If you manage to destroy multiple colors, more hunters will attack (even twice, if you destroy one color twice in a row). The monsters will also attack after your turn, so you have to kill all enemies before they get you. After a few missions it gets more special: There are rare symbols (cartrigdes), if you get three in a row, all hunters attack. Then there are monster symbols just to piss you off, they just block your combinations. Oh, the reward for all that, it’s a companion app. Well, you get four more symbols for your avatar in the main game. And those new symbols aren’t even the best.
So, it’s basically just another match-three puzzle games, even though the “fights” against the monsters are a cool feature and make the puzzle-thing a bit more interesting. I played it a bit, but I’m not really into those games and I will not replay missions dozens of times to collect all “monster bones” to get these four extra-avatars. But at least this app doesn’t annoy you in the main game is just a nice feature for more “Evolve-feeling”. Simply, what a companion app should be.

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