Everspace 2 – Warfare in Space

ROCKFISH Games is going to do it once again. As they said at Gamescom, there will be a second part of Everspace. The Early Access of Everspace 2 will probably be published in the end of 2020.
Those are early news, I know, from the 4th of November there will be a demo version on Steam. We already got a look on it and want to share our impressions.

Those of you, who have played the first part of Everspace will see clear similarities between the first and the second part. If I have to be rude, I would say, it’s the same game just with better graphics and some new features. So, don’t be scared, it’s just the second part of this visually epic and action loaded space shooter, not a completely new game.

Approaching enemy outpost.

In the Demo we are able to choose between three middle class ships with different primary and secondary weapons. Already after the first launch, we find ourselves in first enemy contact. The basic armament is quite fun to play and our first rockets destroy the small outlaw drones easily and we can start to discover. The whole action is taking place in an huge solar system with a lot of outposts to free from outlaw activities.

The story, connects to the first Everspace but should now include more fractions to interact with. The demo does not really give us a deeper look into the story mode, but more in the gameplay. The gameplay is smooth and loading screens, which could interrupt it, are nearly not existing. Fast travel and long-term boost on our spaceships make it easy to travel between outposts. On boost and ‘boom’ you are in action again. You can jump from one fight to an other or if you try-harded to much, start to loot the environment selling the scrap metal for some coins, mine for iron to sell it or perhaps to produce new shields and weapons.

Shop menu to customize the ship.

One bad thing is, that I’m loosing orientation to fast when I’m in combat and rotating around myself pretty fast, crashing into giant meteorits was never that easy, but that could be me and my incompetence of flying a space-ship.

We can’t say yet how many different weapons there will be. For sure you can upgrade your basic weapons, but the devs spoke about a lot of different types of enemies. That’s why I hope for a big selection.

The Demo gives a good impression on what to expect from Everspace 2. Remember the 4th of November and try it yourself on Steam.

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