Dawn of War III – Announcement

Some time ago, Relic released a DLC for ‘Dawn of War II’. DLCs are not a strange thing these days, but this game is from 2009. So why a DLC now? Some speculated, this could be a teaser for a new game of the franchise, maybe even ‘Dawn of War III’. And apparently they were right.
All we have right now is a trailer, but that’ll do for the moment. We can see three fractions: the Space Marines, the Eldar and the Orcs. They are … fighting each other of course but since this is a render trailer we cannot tell anything about the graphics and can only assume that the gameplay will be similar to the previous titles.
What we can see though, is the titan units. Soldiers the size of buildings clashing into each other and create death all around them. It is sure that these units will be a new key element in the third part of ‘Dawn of War’.
What the other fractions are, gameplay-stuff and more will be revealed in the (hopefully near) future.

For now, enjoy the trailer:

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