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DaVinci’s Demons might not be the most famous series out there and doesn’t have the budget of “Game of Thrones”, but is still worth a try and actually well made.
Main protagonist is the young Leonardo DaVinci at the end of the 15th century. DaVinci is a playboy, a good fighter, a bigmouth and a genius, played by Tom Riley. DaVinci lives in Florence, where the Medici are in charge. Soon, Lorenzo Medici (Elliot Cowan) is aware of DaVinci and after a few unforeseen events, Leonardo builds weapons for Florence to protect them from Rome. The Pope and his allies are planning to conquer Florence and send their agents to the city and to DaVinci. DaVinci himself has another problem. He met a mysterious man, who told him about the “Book of leaves” and the “Fountain of Memory”, which could make him see the future and recieve memories of his mother. So on the one side there is Leonardos duty to help Florence protect itself from Rome and on the other side his personal interest of finding the Book and the Fountain. But the Pope is also interested in that book and so the web of intrigues becomes bigger and bigger.

“DaVinci’s Demons” is a well played series with a good and interesting plot. Especially Tom Riley does a great job, DaVinci is funny and the verbal duels between him and his enemies are entertaining and very well written. He is the Tony Stark of the Renaissance. The acting is on the same level. The other actors also do their job really good and the intrigues and the game of cat-and-mouse keeps the tension up and makes the series really interesting. Of course it does not play on the same level as “Game of Thrones”, but still very good, especially the dialogues.
So if you need a new series, maybe while waiting for “Game of Thrones S.5”, this could be something for you.

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