10 things we want in Pokémon GO


Pokémon GO is finally out and people “go” (HAHA) crazy for it. Nevertheless we collected some features we want to see later in the game´s lifetime:

  • Better performance in regions with bad reception/slower phones

At the moment the game struggles a lot with server and connectivity issues. Especially when you are in a region with bad reception it becomes unplayable. Your avatar switches locations, Pokémon are invisible and the loading times never end. It would be great if Niantic would implement a mode which reduces the necessary amount of internet traffic or processing power by using lower quality game assets for example.

  • Fighting against friends

For now the app only allows you to catch wild Pokémon without ever fighting them. It is still fun because of the physical aspect but it also could be fun to fight them in order to catch them. If not by the good old ‘Pokemon vs Pokemon’ maybe another small minigame.

  • Better explanation of the game´s mechanics

Currently you are pretty much thrown into the game without a lot of explanation. You select a starter Pokémon, catch it and the game tells you to find a Pokéstop. That´s not a lot of information. You get some further insight into how the gyms work. It would be really nice if you could simply open a virtual instruction booklet to learn more about the game´s mechanics.

  • Better UI

The UI design itself is pretty ok but it could be improved to become a bit faster and more responsive. Maybe it’s a server problem or they just have to patch a bit.

  • More Pokémon

For now it´s just the first 151 Pokémon and we want more. There are so many and I am actually expecting more Pokemon-releases in the future. That is just obvious. Well, it should be …

  • Events/Tournaments

It would be a great opportunity to host real life events and tournaments in the game. Or duels. Imagine standing in front of each other on a red light or in a bus and then you just battle to pass time. Or fighting with your friends while they’re there to prove that you have the better Pokemon. The fun and the social aspect would be much much higher in my opinion when you can choose who to battle.

  • Leaderboards

We hope that it will be possible in the future to compare your achievements to all other players around the world/your city/your country. Then you can REALLY become the very best.

  • The old Pokémon combat system

The old combat system was great. And for fighting other people it would be much more interesting. In fact, every fight would be more interesting. Of course it should be a game for everyone, but smashing your thumb on the screen isn’t really a Pokemon-fight. Maybe that’s for fighting wild Pokemon, but we need tactics and stuff when we battle our friends or in the arena.

  • More customization

Look of your Pokémon, your trainer etc. There are so many Pokemon trainers out there and they all look the same. That’s boring. How about new backpacks or a fancy new haircut? More creation tools, please.

  • More interaction with the Pokémon

A tamagochi like mini game would be awesome. You could really like your best/favorite Pokemon instead of just making it more powerfull. Give it an extra screen where you can treat your Pokemon like a cute pet. And for further updates make Pokemon from different devices react with each other.

Pokemon GO is a phenomenon. But despite the fact that collecting is fun and everything, it feels like the basic concept of a game with a lot of possibilities. And I am sure there will be more.

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