The Procession to Cavalry – Experience the real Renaissance

You are looking for an unusual point and click adventure? If you are not and you are not even interested, anyway I want you to have an eye on „The Procession to Calvary“. Point and Click is a genre floated with varieties of indie games and individual ideas. The reason why it could be worth it to check on „The Procession to Calvary“ is the developers naive attitude of producing a game out of oil-paintings and expecting anybody to enjoy it. And not just oil-paintings… They are renaissance oil-paintings. Furthermore, think about a game, where you are not able to make your character dance, cannot buy DLCs and skins on mass. What time is it then? 2005?!

The producer, Joe Richardson, can be called a brave man for sure for expecting anyone to play it! That was my first thought on it. But guys, I went completely wrong. Keep in mind what my grandma once told me: “Nothing beats a good old Singleplayer, even if it is just a point and click adventure”. Especially if every single scene and dialog is filled with dark sarcastic humor and in a classic scenery. I did not expect anything and got flashed in the first minutes. For sure the technical part of the game is quite simple. At least it works perfectly! A sentence I cannot say about a lot of games on market right now. But that is another topic.

Technically very simple, but a surprisingly high amount of unexpected entertaining parts is, what makes the game so charming. The world of the game consists of layouts of more or less popular paintings. They got connected to each other and together developed a full world where the story takes place. The way through the story is filled with many entertaining possibilities to interact with other painted people. While you try to solve riddles from painting to painting, to overthrow a cruel king, you are in place to make a change in history, by saving Jesus of the cross, so he can continue his profession and follow his passion of being a magician.

The riddles are challenging and make you want to use your equipped sword more times than you should. While you listen to some epic classic music, you will experience murder, by being the murderer himself, follow your own laws as a female knight or be part of talent shows. All that, to free the people from the reign of cruel kings. The humor is likely to be compared with the one of Monty Python. It is a game, clustered with jokes. Good to enjoy in doses.  Take your time, cause you have it.

This game is an entertaining thing to do during quarantine and afterwards as well. Do Richardson a favor and try it out on Steam! On top of that, we hope you are alright! Stay save, fellows!

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