Distrust- survive the arctical alien invasion

You ever wanted to get lost in an arctic storm? Wanted to live close to death and getting attacked by frost aliens while you are sleeping? Then all your wishes will come true in the adventure and strategic survival game ‘Distrust’, which got published by Alawar Premium some days ago.

The developer ‘Cheerleaders’ presents his new 3D Indie-game

The adventure begins, after your rescue helicopter crashed in front of the arctic base, that sent the emergency call. Now your team of up to three explorers (with individual helpfull skills) needs to find their way through the arctic science station. The first interest is to survive, so you have to take care for the well being of your little squad. While you point and click the explorers through single zones of the station, you slowly understand the reason for the emergency call. Your real enemy is not the nature, but an alien species that attacks and grows while you are asleep. Thats why you are going to prefer to run around and explore all barracks in the zone then to get to bed.

everything is frozen

There are seven zones or better said seven levels, where the frequenzy of enemies is rising up with every single level pretty fast. It follows, that you have to equip as fast as possible and you have to ration with food, tools and sleep. Otherwise, you will die pretty fast or multiply the number of enemies by sleeping and you have to begin from new.
No round is like the other, cause if you die, you will spawn on a map that is organized in a new way, with new quests, new dangers (like biological toxics). You find other equipment than before and last but not least it is your decision how your team should behave with risks and possibilities. From time to time you are able to choose between different ways to go, for example if you find organic alien parts and you explore them, it could be that you make that mindblowing discovery or the other way your mind blows up. This Fifty-Fifty chance is in one way very entertaining and in the other way annoying aswell, if you have an unlucky run.

anomalies all around

The entertainment factor at all, is quite high, caused by the mix of tactics, strategy, single quests in the game that make the way to survive these dark hours to a bigger challenge with ever new ways to win and lose. I have to say, it is not a thing of impossibility to get it through the first levels, especially in the normal mode. After you died one or two times, you get to know quite fast, how to react in the most situations. But there are more unknown dangers and quests, that challenge you. If you are playing a while, the challenges give you the feeling, like you are playing the final missions of ‘Dark Souls’. Of course it is not impossible, but it can get you crazy. In addition to these things, there is another point. Your success is not just about your skill, cause injuries, mental disease and the discovery of a heap of food or medicine are more coincidences and therefore unpredictable.
So at least it is about, if you want to get crazy because you are sleepless or you get crazy because of anomalies. That is how it seems and how it works. But if you want to win, your characters have to stay together or they die alone.

In my point of view, that is just a genius thing. Too many developers give the gamers a lot of easy ways to finish the game, but not here. You have to get into the game, to make your way through. That one who gives up loses. Do not give up!

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