The LonelyStreetDog Gamescom Recap

The annual Gamescom experience is something many gamers are dying to take part in. If you have been unfortunate enough to miss out this year: worry not! For your favourite gaming-news outlet LonelyStreetDog was there to keep you up to date!

This article is a collaboration between our authors to compile you a list of things you wouldnt want to miss out on – in no particular order. So lets dig right in, shall we?

First things first – the first thing to see once you get up close with the building. It would take a special kind of nerves not to be excited already just by walking into those doors. While there were backpack controls and all with the dangerous times we are living in right now – they were organized, fast and there wasn’t much of a holdup once we arrived.

The Blizzard booth group – what a stunning sight! From getting blasted with the colourful trailers from WoW expansions to lifesize Overwatch Figures to playing a round of hearthstone with your friends with barely no waiting line at all. Pure Blizzard goodness!
Nintendo – while not really providing what we hoped for *cough* BreathoftheWild *cough* Nintendo still managed to draw the masses, providing booths to try out Pokkén Tournament and Super Smash Bros. Then we found out you COULD actually test Breath of the Wild here, but it was inside a small black box that nobody was paying attention to AND you had to sign up SO early – i am pretty sure the game was not even public knowledge back then.

Square Enix – How to promote an upcoming game? Easy, setup the biggest screen you can find and loop your most flashy trailer. If you werent hyped for Finaly Fantasy VX, heck if you didn’t even know what a Final Fantasy IS, once you passed the giant screen blasting FFXV’s gameplay trailer – you were on board IMMEDIATELY. The atmosphere around the booth was amazing!

That’s it with the short list of things we wouldn’t want you to miss. There might be a continuation to this list soon once the dust settles – but this was the most important stuff according to us.

Happy gaming!


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