Steam Sale : 10 (+1) games for under 5 bucks


Steam Sale has been here for a few days now and sometimes there are just too many games making it almost impossible to decide what to buy. Here we have a few games for under 5 bucks that might be interesting:

Mark of the Ninja:
A 2D stealth-game with a cool comic look. In ‘Mark of the Ninja’ you become – well – an ninja who has to avenge his clan by killing certain people in high positions. The story may sound generic but the gameplay is a fun mix of puzzle, jump ‘n run and stealth. After a few levels the game gets quite challenging, but never unfair. People who like games like ‘Splinter Cell’ or new new ‘Assassins Creed Chronicles’ – series should give it a try. Mark of the Ninja on Steam

Tomb Raider Legend/Underworld:
The new ‘Tomb Raider’ games were a pretty good reboot, but the old ones made Lara Croft popular so they must be enjoyable as well. They are. Different than the new ones but still very fun to play. Lara is already a badass and even though the levels are very linear they are very cool designed and always full of amazing ideas. Tomb Raider Legend Tomb Raider Underworld

The Witcher II:
We don’t have to talk about the Witcher III, we all know it’s awesome. And now, right after you finished ‘Blood and Wine’ you could go back in time and play the previous Witcher game(s). Of course you can start with the first one, but I mention the second part here, because it’s a very awesome experience. You feel that this is not the grand finale of the series, not that much quests and stuff, but still the story is awesome. CD Project Red had so many ideas for this series, you simply have to play all three games. Witcher II on Steam

Bully: Scholarship Edition:
You like GTA and all those ‘Open-World-Dowhatyouwant’-games? Bully is basically the School-GTA. The open world isn’t a huge city but a school, the gangs are student groups. Of course this is non-lethal, but there is the good old fist fighting and all the nasty tricks you know from your high-school time. If you are tired of GTA at the moment, this would be a good alternative. Bully on Steam

You hopefully have at least heard of the ‘Darksiders’-games. Apocalypse ‘n stuff. You are not one douchbag with a gun shooting small demons, you play as the riders of the damn apocalypse! Both games are very different and even though the second game is said to better game (might be true), I think the story from the first part is more interesting. Play as War and find out which idiot started the apocalypse too early while slashing dozens of angels and demons. Darksiders on Steam

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