Mosaic – First Depression, then WTF

The guys behind ‘Krillbite’ are the creators of ‘Among the Sleep’, that game where you control a baby in a horror-game experience where we have to find Mummy in a strange (adult-)world. Now they are working on their next (and third) title: Mosaic.
There are not much information about the game released. Probably because the game takes some time and will be released in 2017. What we know is pretty much what we see in the trailer. We are a worker in a big company and work pretty much sucks. Every day the same stuff, all the people look the same, we are just a number in a giant organization … Krillbite wants to create that feeling that you really don’t care for your company that doesn’t care for you either. A grey, depressing atmosphere. And according to the trailer this idea works.
But after we see our character getting ready for the job, standing with other workers waiting for the traffic light to turn green and be bored, things … change. I don’t know how things change, but that fishhead certainly looks different than a normal head of a worker does …

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