DC really enters the cinema

Previous trailers already showed a lot of upcoming DC movies and now after ComicCon we know: DC is coming! For a long time we had Marvel with their ‘master plan’ and lots of movies, bringing characters toghether and combining all the movies to one big storyline. And it’s pretty successfull so far.
DC on the other side had good movies like the ‘Dark Knight’-trilogy, but they weren’t that often in cinemas compared to Marvel. But now they are getting on track …
‘Dawn of Justice’ already brought two great movie characters together. ‘Batman vs Superman’ is the ‘Iron Man’-movie for DC but already starts like a ‘Civil War’. That means it’s the first movie of a series with a bigger plot through lots of movies (like ‘Iron Man’ was) but they don’t have (or want) to start as careful as ‘Iron Man’ and already brought in the heavy weapons. And even though the movie had its flaws, it was still a good movie and very successfull.
During ‘Batman vs Superman’ we already saw lots of other heroes (and villains), showing that something big is on its way. And the timeline for all those movies is online as well (like Marvel’s).
Now, after ComicCon we got so many new trailers, including DC showing that they can make an epic combined storyline with all their greatest superheroes too. On top of all that of course is the ‘Justice League’-trailer; the ‘Avengers’ are not alone anymore.

One thing about the trailer was its new ‘tone’. After the very dark ‘Batman vs Superman’ the new trailer for ‘Justice League’ was more entertaining. But a lot of people want the dark tone back. “The Iron Man team called, they want their tone back” and stuff like that. I am not sure that they will keep that tone in the movie. They only showed the characters and The Flash of course is the loudmouth and all of his scenes were funny, but I assume the rest won’t be like that. Marvel always will be funnier and brighter and DC darker and more epic.

And then we have Wonder Woman. First of all, the soundtrack is amazing!
Two movies, one of them is already all of the heroes combined. Marvel took way more time for that, of course they were the first and had to test a few things. But DC really wants to catch up.
This movie will pretty much be like a Marvel-single-character-hintsforthefuture-movie. Which isn’t a bad thing to be honest.

For now just enjoy these epic new trailers and we’ll see if DC can do this ‘Superhero-Masterplan’-thing as well.

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