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War Thunder- It becomes an all-arounder

War Thunder is a free-to-play  MMOG, which has been developed by Gaijin Entertainment. The warplanesimulator exists since 2009, War Thunder also added a tanksimulator in 2014 and is probably going to launch a warshipsimulator in 2017, what can become quite interesting if they are going to connect these three, like they did with the tanks…

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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Free2Play RPG on mobile released

The release of ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ is still warm, yet Electronic Arts releases another Star Wars game already: ‘Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes’ is a Free2Play RPG for iOS and Android. Players can recruit several known characters, like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo or even Darth Vader, and fight with them into turn-based battles. Every character…

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Payday 2 – caused uproar by adding more Microtransactions

Payday 2 ‘s Developers “Overkill Software” caused commotion among their playerbase by adding in microtransactions into their two year old title PAYDAY 2 a few weeks ago. After taking the critizism Overkill took countermeasures by reworking their system of balancement, which dimmed the uproar among Payday’s playerbase. Now shortly after the masses calmed down they…

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