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Distrust- survive the arctical alien invasion

You ever wanted to get lost in an arctic storm? Wanted to live close to death and getting attacked by frost aliens while you are sleeping? Then all your wishes will come true in the adventure and strategic survival game ‘Distrust’, which got published by Alawar Premium some days ago. The adventure begins, after your…

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Portal Knights – A Lot of Potential ?

Portal Knights is an Sandbox/Action-Adventure Game developed by Keen Games and published by 505-Games (known for publishing Sniper Elite 3 and Payday 2). A first look at the Game makes it look like a mixture of Minecraft and MySims. It tackles the very popularized Sandbox genre as an Action-Adventure Game, but the question is: Do these two mix…

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Payday 2 – caused uproar by adding more Microtransactions

Payday 2 ‘s Developers “Overkill Software” caused commotion among their playerbase by adding in microtransactions into their two year old title PAYDAY 2 a few weeks ago. After taking the critizism Overkill took countermeasures by reworking their system of balancement, which dimmed the uproar among Payday’s playerbase. Now shortly after the masses calmed down they…

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