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Overwatch – The next competetive Titan?

Overwatch – Blizzards most recent Gem in their collection might just be the next huge game to rival great competetive titles like “Counter Strike Global Offensive” and “League of Legends”. As a Multiplayer Arena Shooter it might just remind some players of Team Fortress, but it’s focus on the individual hero’s abilities is much stronger. Many players…

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Blizzard – StarCraft 3 or WarCraft 4 not planned, but possible

‘StarCraft’ fans had to wait quite some years until the first episode of StarCraft 2 was released, but for the ‘WarCraft’ universe, people are waiting for more than ten years now, still not giving up the hope on a WarCraft 4. And according to Tim Morten, lead developer of StarCraft 2 at Blizzard Entertainment, this…

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