Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – It’s back again!

Finally it is there. The next part of Machine Games and Bethesdas “Wolfenstein” released. The first parts of B.J.s story were already a firework of positiv feedback and after this cliffhanger at the end of “the New Order”, we were excited about, what will come next.

So here we are now. The story continues, where the “New Order” ended. Dr. Deathhead, our antagonist, practised suicide with a grenade before B.J. was able to kill him. B.J.got wounded by the grenade and orderd the final attack to kill him and the enemy base. So far, so good. Or not…? The story of “The New Colossus” begins with our rescue. I think that was not B.J.s plan, but probably he will forgive his friends the disobedience. They bring him back on board of their war submarine “Hammerfaust”, the main rebell hideout. We wake up again, by detonations and sounds of gunfights on the “Hammerfaust”. To weak to walk but with the will to survive B.J. takes a wheelchair and collects a machine gun of a fallen comrade. So let the resistence begin.
Also if you do not have a lot of experience in shooter games, the first sequences will give you pretty fast and clear instructions for what to do. For sure the first enemies have an aim like stormtroopers (also in normal difficutly). It is quite nice to get leaded back into this game in this way and the enemies get fast enough a bit more challenging. I think you can compare the fighting system and AI with that of the campaign from “Battlefield 4”. If that rings a bell.

But back to the story. Of course it is the regime which is attacking you again. It is your good old “friend” Commander Engel, who comes to kill you for revenge and total termination of the rebellion.
During this attack, a lot of people will die.
Now it is not just about to fight the regime to free the Americans again, but also looking for revenge for all what they have done to you.

Let it burn, burn, burn

The following fights lead us through a lot of places like a bombed and totally destroyed New York, a fashist flourishing Roswell and all the corridors through huge Nazi war machines or bases.
All these things give you a very gigantic impression of an total war and a bit of apocalyptic feelings. Well probably it would actually look like that, if the Nazis would have won the war. That is also some awesome stuff, how the developers were able to create this atmosphere. You are able to imagine how it could have come if they would have won. The gameplay perfectly hits the line, between the pretense of a (more or less) perfect life in a fashist world and the state of exception, wherever there is a resistance.

The end is near

And there is a lot of it. B.J.s rebell alliance is made of the committed team from the parts before. There is Anja, your wife, who is going to get a child; Caroline, your best friend and killing machine; Wyatt and Fergus, your best friends in the resistance; Set, the glorious scientist; Bombarte, your ex-inmate and last but not least; Max Hass, the big friendly bungling helper. In the next hours of gaming, there will be much more people and new friends, who come to join you and the rebellion. By including all these people with their strong character traits to the story, you get to know them better from time to time. You begin to fight, fear and hope with and for them.

However, in this game, it is definitely not just about the graphical environment and some perfectly played characters. It is a special kind of Action Shooter and if you played the parts before, you know what I am talking about and what you get with this game.
The action comes fast, stays for long, gives you some minutes to calm down and then you want to jump back in the fight. The best thing is, you are the one who choose, how to behave with the next room, full of guards. Go spray and pray with shotguns or MGs in both hands; do it the calm and controlled way by taking them out one by one with a silencer on your gun or get the thrill by assassinating guards with the fire axe and see how their fear grow.
The variations of round about eight weapons is typically handled. A pistol, a war pistol, a machine pistol, a machine gun, a shotgun and an axe. It is the basic amount of arms, but you can add some extra stuff, like surpressors, drum magazines or armor piercing ammo, to grade them up. Yes, all but the axe of course. Furthermore there are two more new weapons in “The New Colossus”: The Laserkraftwerk, which shoots bundles of laser and the Dieselkraftwerk, which can get used as a flamethrower or with bundles of diesel as something like a grenade thrower. Both are very effective against high armored enemies, but in the game you are able to equip just one of the two new weapons. Oh yes and do not forget the op pick up weapons. They are the upgraded form of the Laser- and Dieselkraftwerk. So there is nothing, that keeps you away from your satisfying killing spread.

A little crowd of Krauts

The rebellion takes a long time to grow, so choose your weapons wisely. For me, the fight for the rebells will also take the next weeks and an end of this war is not in sight. Some extra content will be released in two days. So be prepared, cause “Wolfenstein 2: the New Colossus” comes up with everything you can expect of a Singleplayer Shooter. A good story and some awesome characters are the best base for a varied, atmospheric, action loaded shooter experience. They simply rocked it again!

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