Warhammer Vermintide – Schluesselschloss DLC

“Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide” is on the market for a while now, but new content is coming every now and then. Most of it is free, which is really a nice thing in times of season passes and microtransactions … This next DLC has to be bought though. What makes it so great? Is it more than new weapons?


Well, yes. The name of the DLC already tells it. “Schluesselschloss” is german (a lot places in this game are in german) and means “Key-Castle”. I cannot really explain why this castle has that name, maybe it is placed at a key position to protect the city, maybe it just has lots of locked doors in it. But that is something you can explore for yourself, because Schluesselschloss is a playable map of course. Sadly not a whole new campaign mission, but a map for the survival game mode. Nevertheless the map looks really cool, placed on the edge of a waterfall with a great view.
I don’t have to explain “Survival Mode”, right? You … survive. Wave after wave there are lots and lots of Skaven coming at you while you either hold your ground at a good defense position or run around in the castle slicing all the ratmen. And as we said in our review for the main game, “Vermintide” has a really satisfying feedback when slashing through the enemies. The impact feeling and the sounds are very intense and add a lot more fun to the fighting.
Apart from that it’s “just” survival. The map is cool and if you know the main game you know what to expect from survival (since one survival-map is for free). If you play this game alone, which is actually not really recommended, think before you buy it. But if you have a group of friends who still play this game, you could buy it. The cool thing is that only one has to buy the DLC and all his friends can play the map with him, if they have the DLC or not doesn’t matter. And such a small price divided by four is … an even smaller price.


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