Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide – Review

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide is the newest PC game set in the Warhammer universe. Vermintide can be summarized as Left 4 Dead in a fantasy setting with RPG elements.


You start the game by choosing between 5 different heroes which unlike Left 4 Dead play differently. Below you can see a few tables showing what to expect from each hero.


Witch Hunter:


Bright Wizard:


Dwarf Ranger:




Empire Soldier:



There is a number of different enemy types in Vermintide which seem very familiar to Left 4 Dead. You got Vermintides version of the Tank, Spitter, Smoker and Hunter. Vermintide also has enemies with gatling guns and very tough patrols which are better to be avoided completely.


The game has over 13 levels and a lot of side objectives can be completed during those missions in order to get more dices. These dices can be used to gain better equipment for the heroes. Similar to Left 4 Dead Vermintide also uses a dynamic spawn system for the enemies to make the matches more unpredictable.


Vermintide is visually pretty appealing, looking a lot better than Left 4 Dead, although the environments don´t look very alive. The character models look great and have very fancy costumes with good looking cloth physics. A bigger problem is the performance. When more enemies appear on screen the framerate drops pretty heavily.

A big plus is also the voice acting. The heroes sound really cool with great accents.



All in all Vermintide is not a very innovative concept instead it builds on the great foundation of Left 4 Dead making it more complex and more appealing for today´s standards. Nevertheless it gets repetetive after a time, while the RPG elements offer a bit more longterm motivation the main gameplay stays the same.



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