Vermintide – Stormdorf DLC

We went back to Ubersreik and the world around it to bash some Skaven. It’s always good to bash some Skaven, especially when there are new levels where you can do that.

Leap of Faith gone wrong

This time we went outside to the ‘Stormdorf’-region. ‘Dorf’ is german for village, and that’s pretty much where we operate. The two new maps take place on nice grasslands, between old farms and finally in the village itself. Additionally there are certain unique situations like fighting in a small canyon, through impenetratable fog or in a dungeon where your only lightsource is a small torch. I really liked the last one, one player had to hold this torch but could not fight, while the others had to fight the Skaven. But everything outside the light radius of the torch everything was pitch black, you could only hear the Skaven. If wish that part was longer and combined with even more new features. The rest of the levels were as usual, which means they were good. Slicing through dozens of Skaven is allways so much fun and the character combination works very throughout the whole game.
The end of the DLC is a boss fight, with some kind of general Skaven with a lance and green lightning, tons of special effects. The boss fight is a little generic, but fun and a good ending for a good DLC.

Looots of special effects

It’s not that easy to write a lot about this DLC here, because it’s just more of the high quality content you are used to. We really liked the main game, and we really like any additional content as well. It’s two more levels, that have the same quality and amount of detail and gameplay as the other ones. So if you already have the main game, there is no real reason to hesitate buying this DLC. As a following DLC I highly suggest the option to play as the Skaven in a ‘Versus-Mode’ …

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