Rocket League and FIFA are in trouble – HyperBrawl Tournament is coming!

Yes, you heard right! The competition begins, and not just between the games, but also ingame. The MilkyTea Studio published the new fast action sports game „HyperBrawl Tournament“. If you got enough of driving cars with small power ups or playing the same football game over and over again, you finally found a worthy alternative!

The tournament takes place in a small arena where you play 2 vs. 2 for 90 seconds. The small arena makes the gameplay intensive and the time plays against you. Especially if your first pass to your mate ends up in your own goal. Unfortunate but pressure leads to better performance, doesn’t it? In the first seconds you will find yourself in chaotic footballmatch and in the next seconds you can outplay your enemy by using your HyperForce or navigating the ball around your opponents in their goal – hopefully.

The curve brings the win

Basically you are trying to catch the ball first, when the game starts. Next you doublepass the ball with your teammate until one of you is in a good position to score. There is just one problem. The enemy can drop bombs on you, cut you in pieces, use his warhammer to kick you out of the arena and much more. Just to get the ball from you and score a goal himself. A strategy is good, for sure, but if you want to win, you gotta be fast and devastating.

The game features twelve intergalactic heroes, divided into three distinct classes: Swift, Core and Tank. Each hero has their own unique stats, offering different tactics and their own gameplay experience. You will be able to compete in twelve arenas spread across all of space and time, each packed with dynamic obstacles, from portals and risers to moving floors, which make each match even more unpredictable.

Bombs dropping to turn the match in the last seconds

You have multiple options to play the game. That’s beacuse you are not only stuck between the choice of playing online multiplayer or offline singleplayer games. There exists a tournament mode, where you can skill your own team and carry it to the finals to become the galactical champion. But there is no need to stop here! Why don’t you start your own tournament with some friends. That’s right, HyperBrawl offers a local multiplayer aswell. Now you can compete with them and show who masters the HyperCurve the best.

HyperBrawl offers the whole package of an action oriented sportsgame and guarantees a smooth gameplay. Give it a try. We meet up ingame, Brawlers!

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