Raiders of the Broken Planet – Wardog Fury

The second premium campaign for Raiders of the Broken Planet has launched on 11th of November. By playing the first campaign again and again, we got now enough training to start a new adventure and rescue the universe once again.

How the title already shows, the new adventure pack is about fighting hordes of so called wardogs. They are all headed by a big boss, who tries to control the flow of Aleph in the known universe. This big boss is called Marmalade. I am not sure who is scared of a monster with a name like this, but well… At least entertaining.
Whatever that’s the point where our heroic Raiders intervene. Reinforced by Dr. Kuzmann and Lycus Dion, from the first campaign “Alien Myths” you can feel free to choose between eight and more Raiders.

The new DLC includes 4 new campaigns:

In the beginning your mission “short fused” is about saving a General of war, from the claws of the hungry wardogs. This General is called Loaht, is able to transform himself in some kind of Hulk and preferred to live in the outback. But now he gets attacked and for sure he can be an important comrade-in-arms, so you have to stop the wardogs war machines from killing him.

Wardog gets destroyed.

For the next step, in “No reservations”, the resistance of our Raiders is planning to destroy Marmalades Aleph supply lines. Those trains of Aleph supply are hilarious (check next picture). You know, you are in the depths of the universe, when you fight big fat chewed bubble gums, which have little hands and faces. Just incredible confusing.
However, this kind of fantasy is really something I like in those worlds. If you have conceived and fantasized characters and weapons, then you can also do everything you want, with the world around it.

This powerful creature.

Because Marmalade has now been weakened, our little squad is now searching for “A weapon from the past”, called Lyra Sphere to take him down for once and for all. Lyra Sphere is able to absorb the Aleph of nearly everything and thus a strong weapon against nearly every enemy. A race between the wardogs and the Raiders begins. It’s a really big challenge, but once again: If you have a strong and experienced team, you will succeed. I just want to say, that the effectivity of teamplay in this game should not be underestimated. Stay and fight together.

Lyra Sphere

Finally, when you have overcome all those difficult situations, you are allowed to face the god, emperor and leader of the wardogs. Marmalade himself! The biggest of all bubble gums with a lot of faces, tentacles. It is nearly impossible to stop him. Nearly! So, find your way.

Marmalade has a bad day.

By the way, it seems like, Mercury Steam updated some stuff around the XP system, so you level much faster than before, which is really nice.

Furthermore, there are two more DLCs to get. If you liked the last two, do not forget to check out “Hades Betrayal” and “Council Apocalypse”. “Hades Betrayal” was released on 3rd of April and “Council Apocalypse” is probably going to be released in the next months.

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