Exception – The New Rotating Neon Platformer

Here we go, the platformer genre gave birth to their new-born, called “Exception”. It combines new gameplay elements with the classic platforming experience, which is connected to a fantastic and funny story.

The story is all about the inner life of a PC. Yes, you heard right! Your PC is alive and don’t tell me you were ever thinking something else. The PC system of an old lady gets infected by a virus. There are so called “Threads” in a PC (and that’s true), executing the smallest processes and organizing the temporary memory of it. Now, the system and their processes got interrupted, so that the virus took control over the whole system. The whole system? Of course not. A small brave “thread” starts his rebellion against the giant virus.

Level by level you jump, fight and run your way through the system. The developer created a fast and action loaded game. Fast reflexes are needed for the gains. Some levels are quite easy, to give you some time to relax from levels that were hard to manage. No worries if you got stuck in one level. Just try it for an hour and you will get the perfect run, or you need a new keyboard, whatever happens first. Enemies can be downed by different combat moves, what makes it a satisfying divers neon firework to watch.

The new mechanics allow a mix of a 2D and 3D experience. The thread moves through different parts of a level by jumping in portals. Rotating level parts and walls instantly create a new view for the level. It’s a fantastic way to confront the player with old obstacles as a new barrier or create new ways out.

You need to know, there are easy and hard ways to reach the exit. A fast run is possible, but you will miss the extra XP and collectibles if you do so. Collectibles give you the chance to level your fighters’ attacks and to deserve new moves.

There is no reason not to recommend this game. Solo developer Will did a great work and created a game, that’s playable for more than multiple times.

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