Cosmic Kites- good old days have been updated

Did you ever think about the mix of ‘Snake’ and the colorful effects of ‘Tron’ ? Then you nearly developed ‘Cosmic Kites’. That had to be the first idea, of the producers from ‘Fishmoose Interactive’, when they started to develop this game. But they did not hold it that simple. In addition to a game like ‘Snake’, where it is just about, to let the worm grow and not destroy yourself, Cosmic Kites brings a lot of new variations. For example, they upgraded the difficulty by adding different AI-enemies. This AI is trying to kill you with flying claws, laserballs, rotating swords and other snakes. But you can make them stay, by collecting your own power ups and boost, laser or bomb your way out of enemy lines.

After 30 seconds it looks like this, just imagine what happened after 5 minutes.

It is a quite challenging game, where it is about to set new highscores. Easy to control but the further you come, the more aggressive the AI becomes. A fast split-second highscore hunting-mode. In some kind it is to compare with latest mobile games. Furthermore, you are able to choose between two individual singleplayer and one custom mode. They all challenge you in their own way. On top of that, there is also some stuff to unlock. For sure at first the different modes, but skins (heads of dragons, deers, a fox…) and power ups aswell. That takes not long but makes it again a bit easier to learn the controls.

Slow Creep in action.

Last but not least, let us come to the real heart of the game: The local multiplayer!
An older part of gamers looks back to the good old multiplayers, when you were able to play together with your best friend on one keyboard. Simple fun. Finally, Cosmic Kites makes it possibile. It is not just a normal multiplayer. No! You can play with up to four players at the same time on one keyboard, what makes it for me an awesome and funny game.
And for sure that is not all. The multiplayer has another four different modes, that keep you playing.
1. Local Versus: You are playing in normal speed against your friends (or bots) with power ups
2. Slow Creep: The snakes are slower but the tails also leave slow, so you build your own labyrinth
3. Power-up Madness: lot of stuff that makes you spray and pray the others away
4. Obstacle Course: PvP and AI-enemies aswell

Just one is able to survive.

So a lot stuff for much fun. The rounds are short but full of action and all time different. In my opinion ‘Cosmic Kites’ is a fresh modern upgrade of an old game type, which facinated the older gamer generation and is about to get a new settlement in the coming generations. Especially with the addition of the very good multiplayer it gets his new charme. It is worth a try!

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