YouTube – Pay-Version next month possible

A Pay-Version for Youtube is a thing for quite some time now, but it isn’t published yet. This could change next month. According to an Email, sent to the most-subscribed Youtubers in the US, this new feature should be online in october. So either they were very good at keeping this a secret or they just hurry up a bit now.
The Pay-Version of Youtube is simple explained and not a novum for internet services. Like for example the payment for Spotify, you can pay a usually small amount so you won’t have ads, an offline mode and a few premium-features. See it as YouTube-Premium. The good thing is that YouTubers will get more out of their work, which makes it easier to live your (youtube-)hobby. But I hope, this YouTube-Premium won’t create a big difference between paying and non-paying people, like keeping whole videos locked for non-premium-members. The price per month is at 10$, which could be a lot for big number of (young) viewers.

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