Witcher 3 – Second Impression

Warning: Highly addictive

Often games get boring if you play them for too long because you saw and dit everything… The Witcher 3 is NOT one of these games. It just keeps getting better and better.

The deeper you get into the story the more you learn to love (or hate) certain characters but mostly its not just black and white and you often question yourself if the character your speaking to tells you the truth or dares to lie into the face of the White Wolf himself…with his pretty cool cat eyes.

Decisions always played a big role in the Witcher series and the third part is not different. It even lets you decide more about the fate and future of kingdoms, important and less important characters than the previous games and keeps you questioning if you did the right thing. I won’t tell any story details for obvious reasons.

An other warning for every player who wants to play the game: You need time!   If it is just to ride through the enourmous world hoping to find a new powerful armour or sword, harvesting ingredients for a special armour you have to craft or just enjoying the detailed main quest and side quests … You will need time!

The DLC system is a bit complex…Of course it is nice to have 16 free DLCs but if they only pack new hair and beards which were probably just cut out of the main game for better PR that’s not really satisfying. With Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine CD Projekt announced two Add-ons with over 30 hours of game time… but you have to pay for it. We will see more in October…

Nontheless The Witcher 3 is an epic game set in one of the most interesting worlds I have ever played in!


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