Why Battlefront could be a great game, but still fail


Recently, a couple of new details were revealed about the upcoming “Star Wars: Battlefront” by DICE. And a lot of people were … not quiet excited as expected. But everytime the mentioned features were not bad news at all, they were just saying what features the game will have, like the maps, the factions, the gamemodes. They aren’t even talking about DLCs (even though everybody knows they will come). No, everything sounds good so far, but DICE has one big problem: The old “Star Wars: Battlefront”. The games, everybody likes, some still play and everybody expects the new Battlefront to be even better. But excepts the graphics, it is actually really difficult to make these games even better. DICE says, their game will be a reboot, so it doesn’t have to be like the first games. But they still existed and when you play the new game you will catch yourself saying things like “Great, like in the old games” or “That was better in the old Battlefront”. For example, in the next game the AT-ATs (the big four-legged ones from Episode:5) won’t be controlled by players, but will walk on a fixed route. Well, that is nothing special at first, a lot of games have a NPC-unit to protect or to spawn. But unfortunately in the old Battlefront you could play as an AT-AT. So DICE news was not just a statement about content and gamemode in their game, they kinda said, what their Battlefront won’t have compared to the old games. And when they said recently that AT-STs (those things from Endor) will be playable, everyone just said “How is that exciting, that was also possible before”. Two things I personally dosen’t really like is that there won’t be battles in space (how awesome was it to enter those gunships with your friends, fly to the other ship while trying not to get shot and then attack the hostile ship from inside) and that the maps will all be on four planets: Endor (forest), Hoth (ice), Tatooine (desert) and Sullust (lava). I really hope they will add not just planets, but iconic places from the movies into the game. I want to play in the deathstar, on cloud city, in the jedi temple. I want to control an AT-AT and I want to replay the battle above Coruscant. The next battlefront will have to pass a very difficult test, not just by being a good game (I don’t think that DICE will fail at this point), but to create a worthy follow-up. Because even though it is a reboot, the previous games did exist and you cannot act like they didn’t.

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