Vampyr – Details of new game

The “Life is Strange”-creators Dontnod Entertainment are currently working on a new game called “Vampyr”. Guess what you will see in this game. A vampire! Congratulations! But that’s certainly not everything.
You play as Jonathan Reid a surgeon who comes back to London in 1918, where the Spanish flu kills thousands of people. Good for you, you became a vampire and a few people missing here and there shouldn’t be difficult to explain. But typical for Dontnod Entertainment, this game will have a lot of descisions to face. Who are you gonna drink from? Every person you can kill will have a story and be somehow important to the game. If you take away the (in your eyes) wrong person you will have a different outcome of the story.
Sounds interesting, but for video evidence we have to wait a bit more. Then we hopefully know a bit more about how you can play as the vampire. And if hunting people isn’t too monotonous.

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