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Universe Sandbox ^2 kinda explains itself with the title. And it’s true, the game is a sandbox-game, where your sandbox is probably the biggest sandbox possible. And it’s part two, for those who are not sure, what the “^2” means. You won’t get a story or some tools to build something like a house. The objects you place are all kinds of planets, suns, black holes, … everything you can find out there. But it doesn’t end with just placing them. Here is the thing, that makes Universe Sandbox ^2 interesting. It is a simulation, where the mass, the size, gravity and so on have an impact on your “creation”. They will attract each other, according to their different masses and if they collide they explode … something you will do quite often in your first experiments (just blow up a massive black hole if you really want to f*ck everything up).

Universe Sandbox2

After destroying life and everything else a couple times you’ll get to more detailed experiments. What happens, if our solar systems has two suns? What if Earth was as far away from the sun as Pluto? Or if Earth was orbiting around a black hole? Universe Sandbox ^2 might be just explosions at first, but if you really get into all the possibilities, you can create your own solar system or answer the questions above. You have to be a fan of such things, if you are not interested in space and everything out there, you will explode a few suns here and there, but there is nothing that “non-space-people” would keep to play.

Universe Sandbox

Universe Sandbox ^2 lets you create your own systems, but the title “universe” is still a bit optimistic. Another programm called “SpaceEngine” really has the whole universe to visit (more or less), but there you can just look at everything. No gravity simulation, no temperature simulation, no simulation at all. Just looking. A giant planetarium if you want it that way. Universe Sandbox ^2 is not to look at planets and suns, it’s about playing with gravity and rotations. The scale is smaller, but the possibilites and interactions are way more interesting. Keeping in mind that the game is currently in “Early Access”, there will be more content and more stuff to experiment with. If you are into space-simulations, “Universe Sandbox ^2” is defenitely worth a try.
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