Unity – Y U not work

Assassins Creed Unity!
The game I waited for so long while having the wildest fantasies about how awesome this game will be. Now here it is. And full of problems.
But I have to admit, Unity is not a bad game at all. It’s really cool, just like gameplay-trailers promised. Paris is huge! I was running around, climbing all the towers to reveal the map and when I was done after a long time and I opened the map … there was still the other side of the river! Amazing, almost too big to see everything in the city. Then the new parcour-features. Also very cool new moves, but I don’t know, why tables in buildings are THAT difficult to climb … there are a few objects where Arno continuously fails to climb them. But climbing buildings, walls and stuff is pretty well done.
Fighting has become really difficult. Probably because you are just used to be the ultimate weapon and more enemies only means you have more awesome finishers und more dead bodys around you in the end. But first, you have almost the same HP like your enemies, second, they attack when they want and third, you have no counter-attacks anymore. I have never died that often in an Assassasins Creed Game and I am just in the first chapters!
I haven’t played any Coop-Missions yet, because the bugs do not allow me to join with my friends, but I think they will be awesome. Finally a real Coop (not that “Wolfpack-Crap”, which is basically another Multiplayer-Match but with AI-Enemies). Looking forward to assassinate with my Assassin-Buddys.

But the reason why I can’t play Coop with friends is the same reason everbody flames Ubisoft for. Including me, since the game crashes everytime at the same point.
Dear, Ubisoft. I have participated in the Evolve Pre-Alpha. ALPHA! And that game had absolutely no bugs, no crashs and no lags! And, what was it again … oh, a PRE-ALPHA! Assassins Creed Unity is very fun to play, but when you can’t play, you don’t have fun, very simple. The main-menu is not that interesting. So please, don’t destroy one of my favorite franchises ever! Because the game itself is not bad. Really! But when Elise has no face in the middle of a dramatic cutscene, or when people misteriously disappear in walls and stairs (Harry Potter/Assassins Creed-Crossover confirmed???), or the flower pot does not need a seller and just flys around and sells itself, that is not really supporting the game atmosphere.
Bring out the patches and we all can live in peace again. If not, Requiescat in pace Assassasins Creed!

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