Total War: Warhammer finally announced

I said last year, that there were rumors about the next game of the “Total War”-franchise and that it could be something new. Well, I already said, which game it could be and I (and a lot of other people) were right: Next up will be “Total War: Warhammer (Fantasy)”. Sega showed in an epic trailer what this game will probably feature, including the biggest factions (Humans, Orcs, Undead, No High Elves in the trailer) and – which created a few speculations – flying units. Dragons and stuff. If it is true and Creative Assembly adds flying troops to the game, the battles could reach a new level (literally) of strategy and epicness…ness. Also “Chaos” will be included, but probably not as a faction, more like a thread to every player. Those things like “Chaos” are too difficult to be explained here and I am not a pro in Warhammer, so you maybe should google your knowledge. And except the trailer, there is not much if not nothing more Sega or Creative Assembly told us. It’s only speculation. You should probably watch the trailer to see it for yourself and speculate about upcoming new features to the franchise. I am definitely interested.

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