Total War: Warhammer – Chaos Warriors Trailer (and negative feedback)

For quite some time now, we know about four main factions in “Total War: Warhammer”. I am sure, we will have the elves and maybe the skaven in the next “Total War”-games (since “Warhammer” will be a trilogy), but I did not expect more races in the first game. Well, I was wrong. “Total War: Warhammer” is out for pre-order. And the pre-order bonus is another race. Not just only “another race”, we will have the mighty and feared Chaos Warriors as a playable faction in the game. The trailer below is cinematic, so it gives an impressive demonstration of the terrifying monsters of Chaos, but nothing more. We haven’t seen anything of the campaign (actual gameplay), so there is lots of room for speculation.
But one thing that I already said is a very bad thing about this. Preorder. The trailer looks amazing and everything, but the fact, that one out of five (in a “Total War”-game!) races is only for preorder is a shame. In games like Shogun, where you had lots of factions and could buy another one for not too much money, that was ok. Here it is just brash. The community is frustrated and angry about this, so the feedback under the trailer is rather harsh. Hopefully, SEGA and Creative Assembly will get the point and put this content in the game for everyone.

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