The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – First Impression

witcher greif


Finally The Witcher 3 has come out. Probably one of the most hyped games of the last years everyones expactations were very high. After playing it myself I can honestly say: CD Projekt doesn’t let us down. The game has an amazing world and even the small piece you travel through took hours to discover…and I’m not finished yet. Of course I can’t tell much at this point but the first day of playing as the White Wolf again really was awsome. If you like a deep story, detailed side quests and characters who aren’t just faceless puppets… The Witcher 2 would be perfect for you. If you want a huge open world to discover added to that The Witcher 3 should be your choice.

The fight sytem is reall fluent and similar to the one of The Witcher 2. Hit…Roll…Hit…Igni etc. The fact that you can use your surroundings in some fights ( like the explosive gas in the swamps ) is a cool innovation. It can be a bit frustrating if your used to games like Asassins Creed or Mordors Shadow where you play as a supersoldier and then discover you are pretty weak for the best Witcher in the world. In the beginning…

As far as I’m concerned the fast travel system works pretty good. If you discovered a signpost of a special area you are able to fasttravel there again…from aother signpost. That means you can’t just open the map and fast travel to any place you discovered but just to a few and to get there you have to find the nearest signpost. This way you get to know the world even better. And often you find a new quest or cool new place just on your way there.


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