The Jungle Book – Trailer

Apparently the great movie studios don’t really have a lot of new ideas, or it’s just a recent trend to make a remake of everything. This one here was a cartoon movie before though. And a very good one. “The Jungle Book” from Disney is a real classic and is the childhood memory of a lot of (now grown up) people. And it is so old, that the new generation might not even saw the first “Jungle Book”, so it would be a new story for them. The new one is a real movie, with real actors and CGI, to give emotions to the animals. The trailer looks a lot darker like the cartoon movie though, so I think the remake is not for everyone, especially younger people might be scared of the new king louie, who doesn’t look that funny anymore. A darker tone could still be a interesting new look for “The Jungle Book”. What do you think?

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