Terraria 1.3 is out

Terraria got a big update. So big, it just jumped back into the gaming-charts. Third-placed to be exact. But what are the new features?
First of all, there are over 800 new items in the game. This alone is a reason to install Terraria again. New blocks and interior desings open new possibilities for home-building.
Also new is the skeleton-trader beneath the surface in caves and the underworld. He trades with you (what a surprise), including some of the new items of course. Also new is the Tax Collector, who (surprise again) collects taxes for us. For every hour we have played you will get 50 copper coins. You can find both of those guys in caves and the new underworld, which is located under the desert.
Also the events have benefited from the update. With new events, like “slime-rain” and the old events re-designed, there will be lots of new content to fight and explore. By foot or on a pet. While riding isn’t a new feature, fighting on pets is one. You can do almost everything on your pet, including fighting all kinds of monsters. Whoever’s dream was to fight a giant pirate ship on a unicorn, you wish shall be granted.
Two more features help to get rid of frustration. First, it is now easy to connect with friends, simply by connecting via Steam. So no Hamachi & CO. anymore. Second is the in the game, when you want to buy something. You now have all your money everytime available. So when you see a trader, want to buy something you can do that now without running back to your home to get your money like other items.

Of course we cannot list all the new items here, over 800 is hell of a number. If you want, you can watch a detailed list of the patch here: http://terraria.gamepedia.com/1.3

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