Stranded Deep – What comes with the new big update?

After a very long time, “Standed Deep” finally got a big update. Of course most of the content was already in the unstable build of the game, but I am focussing on the main version of the game. And all this new stuff is finally in it. Is Stranded Deep now a completely new experience with tons of new content and gameplay mechanics?

First new thing to talk about is the map editor. So before you start you new journey you can create the islands you will visit. The editor itself is pretty basic, which isn’t a bad thing. Basic means it is easy to understand everything and most of it is just drag ‘n drop and creating the island with the typical “paintbrush”-system. It takes some time if you want a cool island. Sadly you can’t copy groups of objects to create a better vegetation for example. But you can create your dream-island (more or less). Nothing really to complain about, except the “copy”-issue and the camera control, those two need improvement.

Stranded_Deep_x64 2015-12-09 22-11-18-94

After creating your island you start a new game. Here you can create a new world map full of islands, randomly generated. The map you are looking at looks a bit like a chess field, because every square is either an island or water. And if you want you own island in the game you just drag it to a spot on the map and it will appear right there in the game. Cool idea, I wish you could start with a blank map, only water, and then put on the islands. You always have random islands there so you have to squeeze your own creation somehow between them.

Then finally you are in the game. Starts familiar. Your raft, your paddle, your first island ahead. When I arrived, everyting was quite familiar as well. Of course I found new stuff, like metal ressources for better buildings. I also couldn’t get wood from trees but from piles on the ground. Good idea, the wood is already there and I don’t have to cut down an entire island to build a small house. Still, there has to be a way to regain ressources.
After checking out this island I saw my very own creation far in the distance. And even with a broken everything (they don’t explain how to climb trees) I managed to swim to it. And it’s very cool that you now create large islands yourself, it’s really a thing this game needed. But here as well, it’s a good idea that has to be expanded. I really want a large main island with a forst and maybe a volcano for example, something you can explore.
Well, on my island I started building. I created the perfect spot for it and so I started with the foundations. And after a while I noticed that I did exactly that some time ago. You have more materials to create your house, but in it’s core it’s still the same. Not a bad thing, but I expected a bit more. Furniture for example. More tools to survive. Something to make the game more varied.

Stranded_Deep_x64 2015-12-09 22-35-40-15

I really like the setting, the gameplay. But I still miss that “something” to make this game really interesting. Not just more materials. I actually don’t care if the wall is made out of wood, planks or iron. A big island, with caves, smaller islands to get ressources and travel back to build a big house with cool extras and furniture at a great spot on a hill, after hunting something in the woods. That’s the experience I want. And sadly that’s what I’m still missing.

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